1) Payment

Unless otherwise arranged, payment in full is due on the night before the show is fired. We may in some

circumstances ask for a deposit against our preparatory costs.

2) Cancellation

Excepting lancework, shows cancelled in excess of 48hrs before the event are subject to a 20% cancellation charge.

Later cancellations are subject to a 50% charge. A charge of 80% is made for lancework orders cancelled after the

piece has been prepared.

It is extremely rare for a display to be cancelled due to bad weather, and we have one occasion fired a display

during a thunderstorm.

If we agree that extreme weather merits a postponement, no charge will be made.

3) Noise disturbance

The customer has a legal 'duty of care' to ensure that any person(s) who might be disturbed by the noise of a show

are given adequate notice.

A courtesy call to your local fire service and constabulary is also recommended.

4) Clearing up

At all shows, the firing team will remove as much debris as possible, subject to the limitations of darkness. A return

daylight visit to clear residual debris can be arranged, subject to an additional charge.