The history of bonfires at the end of the pagan year (Oct. 31st) goes back into pre-history,

and the move to Nov 5th, Guy Fawkes, dates from the gunpowder plot in 1605.

From the point of view of the professional display firer, the November season is a mixed blessing.

The most popular nights, the 5th Nov and the nearest Saturday, are always very busy,

and we have to decline smaller budget events on those dates.

However, there is usually little problem accommodating the adjacent days,

and there is very little evidence to suggest that audiences are at all deterred from attending an event

that is not on the 5th itself.

Halloween, the original Bonfire night, is a superb yet neglected night, and we have staged some very well received

displays, complete with pumpkins, witches and steaming cauldrons.

The most important aspect of the November season is the need to be able to plan well in advance,

most of our high season displays are fully prepared and packed by the end of September.

We do appreciate early confirmation in the high season.


Setting the budget often causes much anguish amongst Bonfire Night organisers.

The following figures are now fairly typical, and may be of some assistance.

They are based on the assumption that you will be staging a typical pay-to-enter family event.

Audience size Budget

up to 500 up to £1500

500-1000 £1500-£2000

1000-2000 £2000-£3500

2000-4000 £3500-£5000

4000+ £1.25-£1.50 per capita

We are very happy to provide advice on all aspects of staging a public display. 

To order or discuss your show, call Paul on (01223) 264563 or 07824534600

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