Within reason, there is no minimum or maximum time limit for ordering a display.

The more time we have to prepare, the easier it is for us to create the perfect event.

Our displays employ nearly one thousand different types of firework, and often include unique pieces assembled

specially for the occasion.

The longer we have to prepare, the more certain we can be of having the right items available.

If the venue is new to us, we will need to carry out a site visit to ensure that there is adequate space to fire the

display safely.

As an absolute minimum, we need 80ft between the firing site and the closest member of the audience,

and a quarter mile to the nearest thatched roof.

All other fire hazards will need to be taken account of and suitable precautions taken.

It is not possible to fire a display without some incandescent debris falling to earth, and the customer must accept

that there may be some scorching. However this is normally superficial.

Some damping down may be desirable during the summer.

On normal displays, our aerial debris is over 98% biodegradable.

On environmentally sensitive sites, we can provide a display where the debris is completely free of plastics

 and other synthetic materials.

Small displays are normally agreed verbally, and confirmed in writing. On larger events a formal contract may be

required by us.

 It is generally easier to discuss your requirements verbally, than to engage in lengthy correspondence.

A written schedule for the display, detailing the material to be fired, will be prepared on request.

On large displays we may request a deposit at the time of booking, otherwise we expect payment in full on the night.

Limited credit will be afforded to charities and local authorities.

To order or discuss your show, call Paul on (01223) 264563 or 07824534600

or email office@essex-pyrotechnics.com